Beginner's Mind

by Jason Augustus Newcomb

I have received countless emails over the past few months from enthusiastic students who really enjoy the New Hermetics. It is so gratifying, in an age when people are so jaded and miserable, that this work continues to reach people and shine even a little light. Please do keep in touch. I enjoy hearing people’s stories.

A startlingly large number of people have written me asking when I will be publishing the more advanced techniques relating to levels 6-10 of the New Hermetics. I want to say that I will be publishing additional advanced material relating to the New Hermetics at some point in the relatively near future. Also, my next two books, “Sexual Sorcery” and “The Book of Magick Power” both contain additional techniques relating to magick that could be considered more advanced. But they are both designed for beginners as well. They are not New Hermetics books, and approach things slightly differntly, but there is certainly some cross-over.

But I also want to add that the techniques in the first five levels are by no means merely beginner’s work. The New Hermetics techniques may be deceptively simple, but they are not just introductory. If you feel that any of these techniques are too simple to be worthy of your attention and exploration, it may be that you have not entirely grasped the meaning of the exercise. There is no consciousness exercise that is basic at all. All methods of introspection and inner exploration are capable of leading anyone to the highest. While it is possible to swiftly advance through the New Hermetics tools, the book has been in print for less than a year, and I hardly think it’s possible that anyone has completely mastered all of the tools. I have been exploring these techniques for years and I have yet to exhaust any of them of new layers of value.

There is a popular expression, “Beginner’s Mind,” that I would love to see more of amongst western magicians. So many people are focussed on becoming more and more powerful, more and more knowledgeable, without concerning themselves at all with equilibrium or genuine gnosis. If you think you are too advanced for basic consciousness work, then your ego is quite likely puffed to unhealthy proportions. Buddha sat under the bodhi tree engaged in nothing more advanced than contemplating his own breath. The essence of the transcendent is simple, not complex.

In truth, the advanced work of the adept is not dissimilar to the work of the neophyte. The adept continues to seek equilibrium, continues to purify consciousness, continues to invoke the highest. The desire for more advanced knowledge and tools is a red flag that there is a much more compelling need for equilibrium and self-discipline.

But it may also be that in simplifying the techniques, I have made it too easy to miss their greater significance. It may be that I have failed to fully explain the underlying importance of each tool, in my effort to streamline my message. So, I will make an effort over time to clarify the purpose and greater possibilities of the key tools of the New Hermetics.

I offer as an example the very first New Hermetics tool- The Initiation technique. Although this is the very first tool presented, it is actually based on a ritual formula given to the RR et AC adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This deceptively simple technique is perfectly capable of accomplishing the consummation of your relationship with the Holy Guardian Angel, communion with Cosmic Consciousness, transcendence and self-actualization. I personally know several magicians who have succeeded at this with this technique. The only limits to any of the consciousness tools at your disposal, whether mine or those of another teacher, are your own degrees of patience, imagination and willingness to surrender your ego-consciousness into the transcendent.  

I have the greatest love and admiration for all of you. Keep up the Great Work.