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The focus in this level is the development of the Initiate in life, the actions necessary to develop your inner power, the reframing of the pain/pleasure principle, and the balancing of the four elements in the personality so that Initiates have the greatest power of choice over their actions. The Initiate is introduced to the Aethyr through visualization, astral projection and communicating with your inner teacher, or inner sage. These programs are about getting the mind used to looking inward. They will teach you to enter the altered state of consciousness, and how to work in that state. These programs help you to refine your skills at visualizing and experiencing your internal world. They do not demand much of you other than doing them. They will also help you to organize your inner world into a functional inner temple for changing reality. While these programs are basic, even experienced meditators and metaphysicians find tremendous value in strengthening their abilities in these areas. There is tremendous power in these elementary programs. You will:

Experience and Work with the Altered State
Practice Actions for Spiritual Development



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